Ascent Technologies, Inc.
develops, manufactures and markets cooling products for industries, offices, and home solutions. Our product offering includes:

      *AC Fan,
      *DC Fan,
      *CPU Cooler,
      *Hard Drive Cooler, PC System Cooler, Etc.

      With over a decade of experience in AC and DC fan industry, we have been learning how to serve our customers better to meet the needs of high-performance standard. We understand the importance of designing decent and solid products. Through the years, we keep focusing on simplicity, practicality, quality and variety in our R&D. As one of the earliest suppliers of cooling products for the personal computer in the Northern American market, we have the whole range of dual ball bearing and single ball bearing coolers for the latest Pentium 4 and AMD 64 CPUs. We have continuously committed ourselves to offer not just the most cost-effective and premium quality products, but also efficient and flexible services to our customers.

     Our goal is to build up mutual business relationships between Ascent and our customers. In order to achieve our goal, we have dedicated customer satisfaction as our greatest priority. Our objective is to be a leading provider of high-performance and premium quality cooling products. We will continue to develop innovative products that deliver power and performance. Our professional marketing team continues to execute our business strategy of delivering solid business value to our customers.

       In addition to our own product line, we are the authorized distributor of Lian-Li Industrial Ltd. to supply high-end aluminum product series, such as aluminum pc cases and mobil racks.